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Prostitution Pelacur Facts Malaysia October 18, 2006

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* In 1998, the Minister of National Unity and Social Development stated that 150 to 160 underage girls are detained each year for involvement in immoral activities and sent to rehabilitation centres. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* An ILO study estimated that there were roughly 40,000 to 140,000 prostitutes in 1998. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* Malaysia is a source, transit, and destination country for trafficking in women and girls for sexual exploitation. In 1998, the Deputy Home Minister stated that 2,250 foreign prostitutes had been arrested in Malaysia. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* There are 43,000 to 142,000 or more prostituted persons in Malaysia. Prostituted persons are mainly adult women, but there are also male, transvestite and child prostitutes, both girls and boys. (CATW Fact Book, citing Dario Agnote “Sex trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says”, Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

* There are 142,000 women in prostitution in Malaysia, 8,000-10,000 in Kuala Lumpur. (CATW-Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific, 1996)

* Girls are lured from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and south China for the sex markets in Thailand or to be diverted to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. (“Human Trafficking: Gangs make Thailand a regional hub”, Bangkok Post, 6 September 2000, reprinted in Stop Trafficking Archive, September 2000)

* NGOs and the media report that Indonesian women and girls are trafficked to Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan as sex workers. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* Police believe that the overwhelming number of prostitutes in the country are foreigners from Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, and China. These women often work as karaoke hostesses, guest relations officers, and masseuses. Russian women work in smaller numbers as prostitutes. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* Malaysian women are trafficked for sexual purposes mostly to Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but also to Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* Child prostitution exists in the country. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1999)

* Although statistics are not available, the incidence of child prostitution appears to have decreased in recent years. (EI Barometer, 1998)

* Studies show that more than a half of those ‘rescued” from various sex establishments were under age 18. (CATW Fact Book, citing Dario Agnote, “Sex trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says”, Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

* Recreation business, such as entertainment and fitness clubs, are the main channels for prostitution. Almost every town has a red-light district. (CATW-Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific, 1996)

* Malaysia is a destination for various nations’ sex tours. (CATW-Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific, 1996)

* Thai and Filipino girls are trafficked into Malaysia for prostitution. (Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Action, The Flesh Trade Report, 1995-1996)

A nice fact for 1998 from http://www.indianngos.com/issue/child/sexual/statistics/statistics22.htm


Prostitute Pelacur Malaysia October 18, 2006

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How bad is Bad? Drop by any hotel, Take a look at the massage section, Give them a call, and you may get to choose! Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, White, Vietnamese and so forth (for further detail read my Human Traficking Industries Asia)

Mama or Papa will definately send their chicks to your doorstep. Cool a great call for The Malaysian Tourism Department, maybe they can give additional boost if they advertise via their ads somthing like this

“Visit Malaysia Get Laid!  We have all the Female Prostitute in our Nation, enjoy and have a bang!”

Sounds rude, but thats not bad enought, drop by the Bukit Bintang Walk or the Chow Kit area, open pimps will as you if you are looking for a quick fits. Open and friendly environment for Malaysia.

An open yet shy trades! Oh My God!

Crime In The Name of Timber? October 13, 2006

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As a citizent of Malaysia we are lucky that we are protected by the Law of the Land. At least our lives meant something. A criminal may be brought to the face of Justice. Malaysia also present itself as a peace and loving nations, eager to help out during natural disaster as examplified by the recents, tsunami and the Lebanon Crisis. Yet are we an angel in the eyes of the world? At first i would say yes and I am proud to be called a Malay and Malaysian. But that is before I stumbled into Green Peace Reports regarding Malaysia. What I found out is quite shocking. Let see what Green Peace have to say about Malaysia.

Check Out thru Google a pdf file under the tag of “The untouchables”- rimbunan Hijau’s world of forest crime and political patronage!.

The report deals with Rimbunan Hijau, a global conglomerate of companies controlled by the Tiong Family from Sarawak Malaysia. Rimbunan Hijau dominates the logging, timber processing, publishing, property investment, new technology and travels. Papua New guine is one of its area where they exercise their ruthless power and illegal treatment of native. Rimbunan Hijau is also alleged to have significant interest in Gabon, Indonesia, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Russia.

“Land owners were forced to sign papers with a barrel of a gun at their back. In the presence of Police and Company Official without proper legal advise, with Guns pointed at them- Annie Kajir Human Rights Lawyer Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

When i encounter this testimony in the Untouchable Report by Green Peace, i was shocked , to me

“shame on Malaysia in the eyes of the world!

Note: this article will be continued later,

Writer disclaimer- this is what i read from Green Peace report, Some may say Green Peace is a Natural Radical, but may be the is truth in it, shocking yet read my next article…

The Reality Of Pirated Goods Consumer In Malaysia October 11, 2006

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raise hand

I can still recalled my first day at Imbi Plaza, the first moment I walk in I was suprised by the amount of pirated software, dvd’s and pirated inks or clones. It was a man made heaven for the information age. Since I spend most of my hey day in California I would say that the’ place for me is Fry Electronic, or best yet compusa but that was in the states, over here in Malaysia, it cheap damm cheap since its stolen and pirated.

Lets not talk about the issue of piracy in Malaysia for the moment. Lets focus back to the Malays, My dear Brothers and sister, how many of you own or purchase pirated goodies?

Raise your hands don’t be shy! i knew almost all of my friend have at least a few. but is it logikal for a Muslim to own stolen Goods,

gee wish , lets see what your religion says, wich i have never heart any Iman or preacher raise up this issue on friday, shall we walk along the aisle of ……………..

وَالسَّارِقُ وَالسَّارِقَةُ فَاقْطَعُواْ أَيْدِيَهُمَا جَزَاء بِمَا كَسَبَا نَكَالاً مِّنَ اللّهِ وَاللّهُ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ

 [5:38] Laki-laki yang mencuri dan perempuan yang mencuri, potonglah tangan keduanya (sebagai) pembalasan bagi apa yang mereka kerjakan dan sebagai siksaan dari Allah. Dan Allah Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.

English: As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power.

فَمَن تَابَ مِن بَعْدِ ظُلْمِهِ وَأَصْلَحَ فَإِنَّ اللّهَ يَتُوبُ عَلَيْهِ إِنَّ اللّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

 [5:39] Maka barangsiapa bertaubat (di antara pencuri-pencuri itu) sesudah melakukan kejahatan itu dan memperbaiki diri, maka sesungguhnya Allah menerima taubatnya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

English: But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turneth to him in forgiveness; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful

 Ummmm, staright to the point eh, my brother and sister, but lets be frank at least we can rest assure we can still ask forgiveness to God!, but shall we steal again and again or  keep onturning the C…Triad into the monster they are today!

In my Bahasa Malaysia Blog today, i did a simple calcualtion as how much does the C… Triad gain in RM in a month. well it turn out if 1 million of us poor Malay keep on assisting this robber well be giving them at least fromm RM120 million to 5oo million a month! , Wow a tremendous figure, yet in the end maybe well also did manage to make some of the government official (which is Malay unfortunately) rich . Alhamdullillah some P……. and our fellow Muslim is eating robbery money!

At this point in time i would like to ask the reader, if there are any P………. which do received bribery along the line, at how much does this Towkey give you in a month, i do not want to start a war between the p…….. and the triad towkey now do i, since now they  might want more.

umm, half a billion a month , guess thats why in my hometown at there is atleast three pirated VCD store operating and one is just a walking distant in front of the town Pol……

(shessh) I cant say this thing , its quite sensitif.

Bahasa Malaysia Site October 10, 2006

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Can be view here http://malaymelayu.blogspot.com

Into The Battle Fields October 10, 2006

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Today marks the day we shall walk into the trench of Malaysian truth and realities, the real truth that shall shock you as to how strong is the forces behind our lines. Think Again do you think you know the world around you yet what is the dark kept secret?

Thanks to the Various Law Enforcement Reports available thru respective agency which I have provided a link next to this Blog. so wait and see what I shall unveils next , what you shall see next is a few of the shocking Truth that most Malaysian are aware yet they are afraid to expose!.

In the line of fire, countless life of Law enforcement officer have lost their life in the line of Justice. This brave Policeman, womens and other Justice personnel have stood their ground and sacrifes their life for the safety and the well being of the general public! In their memory we should also say today that they did not die in vains.

May Allah bless all the soul of this Law enforcement officer across the globe and may their memory comfort their children, wifes and daughter!

Broken Arrow October 10, 2006

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we were soldier

Broken Arrow, I repeat Broken Arrow ,Broken arrow confirm! These are the lines that Mel Gibson in the Movie We Were Soldier said when the American line of defense is broken thru and his soldier are being gun down.

My Dear Malays and fellow Malaysian, our defenses have been overrun, we cannot run anywhere else ! this is our motherland, this is our forefather home, It is up to us brother, sister, son and daughter for we are the Prince Of This Earth, we must do our own battle in this battle fields.

What is the battle field? It is the battle fields to uphold justice, to serve and to protect. To combat what I am about to expose here. It is a call for freedom and justice.

To the Malays your ketuanan prinsip shall be torn assunder as it is not you who are the lords of this lands but……………..reads on

Prince, Sons Of The Earth? October 10, 2006

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mat kilau

Historically the Malays can be devided into three classes, Orang Merdeka (freeman or women) , Hamba (slaves) and the Bangsawan (Nobilities).

The majority of Malays in the oldens days live primarily with close interaction with nature and we are part of the hunter and gatherer and also farmer and fisherman. This co- existence with nature have resulted in several ritual with respect and honour the spirit of the Earth (animistic). The introduction to Islam on a massive scale have slowly diminished this respect to the power and the role of Nature Conservation. Islam have clearly define that “thou shall not commit destruction on this earth rampantly!, but unfortunately the respect and the conservation of nature education from the Ulama or religious Leader have failed to compensate this model or animistic respect of nature. Slave may be the result of an individual or family which have became indebted or thru the act of War. Nobilities group is a result of the title or rank granted by the ruler or clans leader within certain congregation or village. The royalties refer to the present day Sultans and the various Nobilities that later emerge as the ruler of each of the respective states within Malaysia.

So as a conclusion, Malays are similar to the Western Native American , we are a people which depend on our surrounding and Nature. We co-exist, respect nature and does not rampantly destroy our environment. Unfortunately with the fall of the Malay Empire or because our liberty and freedom have been bartered of by our ruler to the British, Portugese for a meager monthly allowences, we as a people have from that point onward loses our pride and dignities. This action for allowing foreign power is a direct result of our obedience and loyalty to our ruler and Sultans.

Our forefather remains a close knit communal society and maintain the tradisional self sustaining activities comprising of farming and hunter and gatherer. With the institution of British mode of Government, slowly the second generation of Malays began venturing into government servant sector, military, police and administartion. At this point in time we as a people have already loses the race, The immigrant imported by the British to ransacked our natural resources have gain vast wealth and power close patronage with our leaders. Their close business venture within the old British East Indian Company and their native land have form and intricate networks of trading, export and import.

Again the majority of our great grand dads and elder remain asleep and happily ever after with their paddy field, durian orchard, gathering and their Kampung live lihood.

As we approches independence, our nobilities whom are capable of sending their children to obtain higher education have manage to began the formation and the management of what to be called Malaysian. (Malayan Union is what the British proposed).

At this stage, finally we sees these aristocrat venturing into our Village seeking the Malays power to vote and the right for self governence. The sultan power will sees its role diminished at this point, they will from henceforth be classified as “Constitutional Monarchy” .So finally our second generation of Malay have risen from village life to modern days role, as managerial,tradesman and civil servant. The elite of the Malays which close relationship to the nobilities is now taking the helm of this Nation from the British. Soon we will see how well they steer this nation of the Majorities of “Prince of the Earth future.

Yet history have proven no single nation can be formed peacefully without bloosdhed. Racial Clash and Communist insurgency prevail during the early days of Malaysian Independence. So during this period of time from the formation, nobility interference and conflict , where is the Malays informational Modal Insan? (Human Capital). It seem there is a gap within this historical period, power, clashes, hatred and instabilities and a new self identity conflicts.

So lets summarize the progress of the Prince Of The Earth! A race of people whom co-existed with nature, later held in bondage under Union Jack (British), enter into modernization thru independent acheive from the British, yet by now this new nation is a blend of other immigrant whom arrive here for sole financial purpose. We are here in the midst of the 21st Century yet in my point of view we are still blinded by who we are and what we are! Why? read ons , since the Title Of Bumiputra or Prince Of The Earth, is just a title we have lost our eutopian state of Nature Dweller’ since now we are the modern days unchain power hungry materialistic race whom exploits our land, rivers, sea and air.

Such harsh word but read on so you may open your eyes.

Note: In this third word that I type I would also like to remember our only true hero, Mat Kilau a Malay worthy in my eyes as Geronima whom stood up against the British and the Sultans and died as an old man, similar to Geronimo. May Allah Bless His soul.

Why This Blog? October 10, 2006

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This Blog shall seek to enlightened the Malays. What do I meant by this? It seem nowadays the essence of the Malay is gradually being polished to be Malaysian! Am I against this National Agenda? The answer is no! What do I meant by this?

First premise 1) What is Malaysian , Can you Define Malaysian ? Have the Government address and define the actual characteristic of a Malaysian. The answer is pure and simple, The government have failed to address this National self Identity!.

Second Premise 2) Malay self identity! We are losing our forefather etiquette and moral code of conduct! We are producing a confuse young generations of Malays.

Third Premise 3) The Problem of Religion Namely Islam! Islam in reality would be the pushing factor to uplift and codified the conduct of Malays. But it turn out it has produce the negative effect, which is backward effect instead of forward! The fault lies with the Islamic scholar and leader within Malaysia who failed to perform their duties, Instead they have became the civil servants.

4. Poverty Gap! While the nation is being portrayed as a nice and well to do Asian country, the reality is the opposite. Majority of Malays earn meager wages and they are living based on their monthly salary, just enought to support a family.

There are other reason for this Blog, but as a Malay I would definately want to share my feeling with my fellow Malay and those who are not blind to the future of our race.

My dear Malay, what do you see is happening around you? Is this country treating you fairly Let walk together along the path of enlightenment  and revival, it is not for me and you now but for our future Malays and for this Land that our fore father explored and call this this home!

Malay? What? Define? October 10, 2006

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Who are the Malay? The World may not know who we are, but they will definitely know KLCC Twin Tower , the world ex tallest building and maybe Mahathir Mohamed , the out spoken Malay leader whom stood up against The West. He also imprisoned Anwar Ibrahim, his second man; Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Gee what else can I say about Malays, which is synonymous with Malaysia. Let see.

Wikipedia says something like this;

Malays (Dutch, Maleiërs, ultimately from Malay: Melayu) are a diverse group of Austronesian peoples inhabiting the Malay archipelago and Malay peninsula in Southeast Asia. The word “Malay” was adopted into English via the Dutch word “Malayo”, itself from Portuguese “Malaio”, which originates from the Malay word “Melayu”. According to one popular theory, the word Melayu means “migrating” or “fleeing”, which might refer to the high mobility of these people across the region.Generically, the name “Malay” is used to describe all the numerous related groups inhabiting the Malay Archipelago, and which are not of older aboriginal stock. These include the Aceh, Minangkabaus, Bataks and Mandailings who live in Sumatra ; Java and Sunda in Java ; Banjars, Ibans, Kadazans and Melanaus in Borneo ; Bugis and Torajas in Sulawesi ; the various dominant ethnic groups in the Philippines such as the Tagalogs, Ilocanos and Ifugao of Luzon island, the Bisaya of the central Philippines, the Maguindanao, Tausug and Bajau of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago ; and the people of East Timor (again, excluding those of older Papuan stock).

Bumiputra or Bumiputera (from Sanskrit Bhumiputra; translated literally, it means “sons of the Earth”; Malay, translated literally, it means “princes of the Earth”), is an official definition widely used in Malaysia, embracing ethnic Malays as well as other indigenous ethnic groups such as the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the tribal peoples in Sabah and Sarawak. Economic policies designed to favour Bumiputras (including affirmative action in public education) were implemented in the 1970s in order to defuse inter-ethnic tensions following the May 13 Incident in 1969, but these have not been fully effective in eradicating poverty among rural bumiputras and have further caused a backlash of resentment on the part of non-bumi ethnic groups.

The above defination of Malay is derived from Wikipedia Online.

My focus for this blog is only for Malay Residing In Peninsular Malaysia. 

I agree with the term the son of the earth but  would not agreed on the prince of this earth.