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Why This Blog? October 10, 2006

Posted by airforceone in Malay, Malaysia, Melayu, Son Of The Earth, Uncategorized.

This Blog shall seek to enlightened the Malays. What do I meant by this? It seem nowadays the essence of the Malay is gradually being polished to be Malaysian! Am I against this National Agenda? The answer is no! What do I meant by this?

First premise 1) What is Malaysian , Can you Define Malaysian ? Have the Government address and define the actual characteristic of a Malaysian. The answer is pure and simple, The government have failed to address this National self Identity!.

Second Premise 2) Malay self identity! We are losing our forefather etiquette and moral code of conduct! We are producing a confuse young generations of Malays.

Third Premise 3) The Problem of Religion Namely Islam! Islam in reality would be the pushing factor to uplift and codified the conduct of Malays. But it turn out it has produce the negative effect, which is backward effect instead of forward! The fault lies with the Islamic scholar and leader within Malaysia who failed to perform their duties, Instead they have became the civil servants.

4. Poverty Gap! While the nation is being portrayed as a nice and well to do Asian country, the reality is the opposite. Majority of Malays earn meager wages and they are living based on their monthly salary, just enought to support a family.

There are other reason for this Blog, but as a Malay I would definately want to share my feeling with my fellow Malay and those who are not blind to the future of our race.

My dear Malay, what do you see is happening around you? Is this country treating you fairly Let walk together along the path of enlightenment  and revival, it is not for me and you now but for our future Malays and for this Land that our fore father explored and call this this home!



1. co2 system - May 28, 2009

i Can Define Malaysian

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