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Prince, Sons Of The Earth? October 10, 2006

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mat kilau

Historically the Malays can be devided into three classes, Orang Merdeka (freeman or women) , Hamba (slaves) and the Bangsawan (Nobilities).

The majority of Malays in the oldens days live primarily with close interaction with nature and we are part of the hunter and gatherer and also farmer and fisherman. This co- existence with nature have resulted in several ritual with respect and honour the spirit of the Earth (animistic). The introduction to Islam on a massive scale have slowly diminished this respect to the power and the role of Nature Conservation. Islam have clearly define that “thou shall not commit destruction on this earth rampantly!, but unfortunately the respect and the conservation of nature education from the Ulama or religious Leader have failed to compensate this model or animistic respect of nature. Slave may be the result of an individual or family which have became indebted or thru the act of War. Nobilities group is a result of the title or rank granted by the ruler or clans leader within certain congregation or village. The royalties refer to the present day Sultans and the various Nobilities that later emerge as the ruler of each of the respective states within Malaysia.

So as a conclusion, Malays are similar to the Western Native American , we are a people which depend on our surrounding and Nature. We co-exist, respect nature and does not rampantly destroy our environment. Unfortunately with the fall of the Malay Empire or because our liberty and freedom have been bartered of by our ruler to the British, Portugese for a meager monthly allowences, we as a people have from that point onward loses our pride and dignities. This action for allowing foreign power is a direct result of our obedience and loyalty to our ruler and Sultans.

Our forefather remains a close knit communal society and maintain the tradisional self sustaining activities comprising of farming and hunter and gatherer. With the institution of British mode of Government, slowly the second generation of Malays began venturing into government servant sector, military, police and administartion. At this point in time we as a people have already loses the race, The immigrant imported by the British to ransacked our natural resources have gain vast wealth and power close patronage with our leaders. Their close business venture within the old British East Indian Company and their native land have form and intricate networks of trading, export and import.

Again the majority of our great grand dads and elder remain asleep and happily ever after with their paddy field, durian orchard, gathering and their Kampung live lihood.

As we approches independence, our nobilities whom are capable of sending their children to obtain higher education have manage to began the formation and the management of what to be called Malaysian. (Malayan Union is what the British proposed).

At this stage, finally we sees these aristocrat venturing into our Village seeking the Malays power to vote and the right for self governence. The sultan power will sees its role diminished at this point, they will from henceforth be classified as “Constitutional Monarchy” .So finally our second generation of Malay have risen from village life to modern days role, as managerial,tradesman and civil servant. The elite of the Malays which close relationship to the nobilities is now taking the helm of this Nation from the British. Soon we will see how well they steer this nation of the Majorities of “Prince of the Earth future.

Yet history have proven no single nation can be formed peacefully without bloosdhed. Racial Clash and Communist insurgency prevail during the early days of Malaysian Independence. So during this period of time from the formation, nobility interference and conflict , where is the Malays informational Modal Insan? (Human Capital). It seem there is a gap within this historical period, power, clashes, hatred and instabilities and a new self identity conflicts.

So lets summarize the progress of the Prince Of The Earth! A race of people whom co-existed with nature, later held in bondage under Union Jack (British), enter into modernization thru independent acheive from the British, yet by now this new nation is a blend of other immigrant whom arrive here for sole financial purpose. We are here in the midst of the 21st Century yet in my point of view we are still blinded by who we are and what we are! Why? read ons , since the Title Of Bumiputra or Prince Of The Earth, is just a title we have lost our eutopian state of Nature Dweller’ since now we are the modern days unchain power hungry materialistic race whom exploits our land, rivers, sea and air.

Such harsh word but read on so you may open your eyes.

Note: In this third word that I type I would also like to remember our only true hero, Mat Kilau a Malay worthy in my eyes as Geronima whom stood up against the British and the Sultans and died as an old man, similar to Geronimo. May Allah Bless His soul.



1. Uzume - February 8, 2008

sokong la bro..tapi kenape org melayu masih tak sedar??betullah..dah meLAYU agaknyer..tinggal nak tunggu kene cantas jer..

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