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Prostitute Pelacur Malaysia October 18, 2006

Posted by airforceone in Call Girl Malaysia, pelacur, Prostitute Malaysia.

How bad is Bad? Drop by any hotel, Take a look at the massage section, Give them a call, and you may get to choose! Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, White, Vietnamese and so forth (for further detail read my Human Traficking Industries Asia)

Mama or Papa will definately send their chicks to your doorstep. Cool a great call for The Malaysian Tourism Department, maybe they can give additional boost if they advertise via their ads somthing like this

“Visit Malaysia Get Laid!Β  We have all the Female Prostitute in our Nation, enjoy and have a bang!”

Sounds rude, but thats not bad enought, drop by the Bukit Bintang Walk or the Chow Kit area, open pimps will as you if you are looking for a quick fits. Open and friendly environment for Malaysia.

An open yet shy trades! Oh My God!



1. FUCK U JANICE - December 3, 2006

I believe Malaysia is a bad place to go…it is really a sinful country, they can turn a good man to a sinner and cheated on his behalf or girlfriend. It is not a safe place for a tourist to go, they should not advertising a fraud advertise…they should advertise it as a SEX COUNTRY!!! You name it and they will give it to you…Malaysia is only for those MANIAC & LOW LIFE PEOPLE!!! Those PROSTITUTES should be burn because they are breaking up a relationship!!! There is a lot of ways solution for poverty…These PROSTITUTES must learn how to break your back to earn clean money to feed theirself and family…STOP being lazy and stop spreading deases and breaking up a RELATIONSHIP!!!

mac - September 25, 2011

y not thailand u little ass hole thought of that?

2. airforceone - December 6, 2006

Dear Sir? Care to explain why you come up with this statement, maybe based upon your experience you may enlightent us all,?

3. Laive - October 15, 2007

Such immaturity. Grow up people. It’s not only Malaysia. Lol…Malaysia is better than many countries out there. I’d advice the author to do more travelling and learn the millions of other cultures out there before discriminating or speak based on prejudicism and stereotyping. If you look for prostitutes, Malaysia isn’t the best. But nevertheless, where ever you are, if you need a prostitute, look for it, and you should get it. Same goes to Malaysia. Prostitutes are EVERYWHERE.

Some are forced. Some are willing. Do your research dude…

4. AceOfDiamonds - December 16, 2007

You can’t blame the prostitutes for breaking up relationships. You might need to take into consideration other factors such as…the person who goes to a prostitute when he’s already married clearly is a bastard – look carefully into your partner’s soul before committing yourself into further relationships. So if kids, if you find out your dad or mum is cheating – and lying about it while being a terrible parent, then feel free to disown them since you have no such parent.

Sad world indeed… but still can be a happy place πŸ˜‰

5. thyachweetz - December 23, 2007

hahahaha..dasar MALINGSIAlan

adany ngata2in pelacur indon, tp pelacur disana adja di promosiin kek makanan adja..adany jg ya, “tgl pilih mw rasa stroberi, coklat, vanila..”
ini mah promosi sesuai ras atw pun asal…gilaa..ck..ck.ck..

isa govinda - May 28, 2012

budak budak perempuan melayu memang gatal kerana cari
lelaki . budak lelaki pun sama . buat macam ini lagi baik mampus
terus masuk neraka . jahanam jahanam jahanam

6. Gen - February 12, 2008

Haha.. Its normal for prostitution.. Only Malaysia is still not open minded enough for that.. What is wrong in prostitution? In other country, it is call a service, same like doctor or psychologist, except this is sexual. Grow up Malaysian.. Even though u banned all prostitutions, however, prostitutes are everywhere. What is the point for that? Why don’t you accept it like other country. No big deal. And sex is not bad for your health but make sure is a safe sex and without HIV. Thats all.. Simple..

7. indian gurlz - February 14, 2008

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sathya - September 10, 2010

hi do u have sexyindian girls, if u have email me with foto tq

raja - October 18, 2010

im from penang do u have indian call girl

shashnedra - October 19, 2011

where in Malaysia or India

alibaba - November 26, 2011

than mail me ur girls picturs.

alibaba - November 26, 2011

mail me what u have with picturs..

niela - October 13, 2012

please mail me the girl’s picture.

Ping Lee - June 10, 2013

at where?kedah have?

8. carpe diem - May 5, 2008

your cunt is so stinkk indian gurlz even some of you are motherfucker shemales or fuckin chicks with dicks.
I really hate indian gurls or indian people in common

9. willy - July 21, 2008

prostitution is not allowed by Islam. so, if you allow the prostitution, please tell the woman not to wear hijab/tudung. that’s awful.

joannas - March 21, 2012

nope, i like to see them wearing tudung. πŸ™‚

10. nik suhaila - August 25, 2008

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Ping Lee - June 10, 2013

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18. lesbians - June 23, 2009

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19. notgod - July 8, 2009

Never never condemn prostitutions. Its just a carrier like what everybody do. Don’t forget that they are out there to live just for “the 3 meals” a day. No countries in the world have none of these. No body is clean to label any body as dirt. Just take care of yourselves and have safe sex, simple!!

20. tonykl - December 4, 2009

get over it…
no big deal about it because its all up to you what you are going to do in life…if you are that stupid you will be paying for sex because you are dumb ass…you can get it for free if you want to just hang out a little bit of flirt for good looking guys and you can have it for free…for those who are not that good looking just try harder and give lady good time…bring her for dinner…treat her like princess ans you also can have it…

thats so easy to meet interesting people without paying for it…
just have to know dont disturb lady if she wants you then just make small step if she is interested she will give sign if not maybe she already has someone so look for those who are free….

21. raj - January 23, 2010

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22. jazz - February 12, 2010

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23. Socialist - February 16, 2010

Clearly, if there is a demand, there is supply. It is a very basic economic reaction. Many people tend to be the “morale guidiant” please listen up! Many of them are not born to be a prostitute, either they wanted to be. Saying to them that they have alternative to earn money is simple, but if were in their shoes, you may discover plenty of sorrows hidden deep benief. I agree with AceOfDiamonds and others who had given different opinions against FUCK YOU JANICE. We can’t be stereotyping and put on all responsibilities to the prostitutes. Infact the “Men” must know what is he doing. Wrong or correct is subjective to anybody to judge. Everybody is born with sin…

24. plgf - February 23, 2010

Referring bout the indian issue:
not all indians are that bad…it has two groups one that is educated and the other not so well educated with modern issues…

BOut malaysia:
Malaysia is not dangerous, i live in malaysia…it is a beautiful country where the grass is always green, but just a bit too sunny though. the place where i live is near mountains and also i get to be near nature always.And the food is good in Ipoh, Perak. And you get to see sea turtles in terengganu( i think), the beach in Penang is not bad too, Cameron Highlands is cool and refreshing, tea leaves are planted there. And A Famosa is in Melaka,where you get to eat Portuguese food(i never had a chance to try), Genting highlands where is too cold for me, Taman Negara(National Park) is where you are in nature.Malaysia is a unique place, it has so many kinds of culture and people, it is a place worth visiting to me:)

Bout the pros:
Dont blame the pros. blame the men. if all men do not go out finding for pros., the pros. wont have income and automatically quit being a pros.

fuck u girl - October 13, 2012

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25. watzitooya - March 2, 2010

yeah, Malaysia was a beautiful country but….
Malaysia was a thief of culture, they stole and admitted some cultures of the other nations. What a shame.
And one thing I know is that Malaysia didn’t have their culture identity. SO.. If one said that Malaysia have so many kinds of culture, well I’d said It’s BULLSHITTTttt..
About d prostitute.. hmm..well, enjoy it in HELL!

malaysianboy - January 15, 2012

we are not a thief of culture!!!
all culture in Malaysia is totally our’s!!
because all this cultures was passed by our older generation which came from all over the world like Thailand, Java, Bugis, India, China, Portugal, Dutch, Arab and etc.
they came here because of it fertility of land and located at strategic place for trading center.
So, it’s our’s!! okay!!

And for ur information, i’m java…
i can speak java.
but my best friends is an Indian and a Chinese.

that make we as a really unique and beautiful multi-races country.. πŸ™‚

26. kalui - March 24, 2010

Prostitution are just like any other carrier. They are paid and life have to go on just for the ” 3 meals ” a day. Never condemn them. No human is clean enough to judge another human, just look after yourselves..simple theory. Don’t waste our time solving the world’s problem. Earth is not heaven. Being good or bad is the life after this. No body ever come back from the dead to describe how beautiful it is there. Life on earth should be spend in earthly manner. Don’t deny..Malaysia is always the 3rd in almost everything.

27. Arrow - April 7, 2010

Heh. Perhaps the thing to condemn here isn’t prostitution, but the effects of prostitution?
Problems like human trafficking and child prostitution is worrying. Yeah, sure, people in the prostitution industry just want their ‘3 meals a day’, but think about it. Most of the people in there, don’t join willingly.
Prostitution isn’t the only thing that exists in Malaysia. Like every country, they have their pros and cons.
So, don’t judge a country just by one factor.

28. markovic - April 14, 2010

janice is right

29. The man who shopped at the supermarket! - April 15, 2010

Hello FUCK U JANICE, or whatever your name is.

You must be a female whose male companion screwed around and you are pissed off.

Well, here’s news for you, sweetheart. He couldn’t bring home a cow, so he went to the supermarket.

So, is he weak, Yes.

But then, so are you, because you could not keep your bull in the pen!

30. Ayila - June 23, 2010

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31. sureSATISFY - June 27, 2010

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32. eddie - November 18, 2010

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33. eddie - November 18, 2010
34. kadir - December 4, 2010

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35. devinaa - December 9, 2010

u all r really bastards..i mean all the customers

36. devinaa - December 9, 2010

there are many careers out there..one can rather beg in the street than doing this hell job! And those bloody pple who gives out their hpnum n all..u guys r really not born 4 a good mother.. Someday ur child wil definitely follow ur step..God is watching all ur dirty activities..U pple deserve hell1!

37. machann - January 8, 2011

happy new year..
I really dont understand the total topic.Some of u taking about pro. and in same times some is offering and even some is looking for it.U guys nothing something that if some dont like it doesnt means all should not like it.
About pro.is one of the world old profession and also world large income.it doesnt means i support them but as long demand is there it hard to eliment it.
So pls dont make thing worst by bliming…hope the new year will brighteen for evry one

38. Handsome - February 10, 2011

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39. ah unn - February 25, 2011

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40. asiacocksman - April 17, 2011

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41. zalim - December 2, 2011

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roy - June 3, 2012

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44. rechargeload - February 9, 2012

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45. Vishal - February 18, 2012

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50. Im a man - November 26, 2012

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51. Im a man - November 26, 2012

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52. louisphilips - February 3, 2013

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53. skatter - February 22, 2013

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55. Bang - October 1, 2015

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