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About The Author

The writer have decided to expose the hidden Truth based on numerous Law Enforcement report from around the world regarding Malaysian Criminal activities, Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Weapon, Pirated VCD, DVD and Illegal Entertainment Industries Forgeries and Deforestation. The data is based upon writer personal experiences in this subject, activities and also research. The Writer allude to the term Bumiputra or Prince of the Earth , a term reserve for the Malays as the Native or the early dweller in Peninsular Malaysia. Malays forefathers have been documented as as living an Utopian lifestyle with particular link and respect of nature, forest and river and the place where we dwells.

The majority of Bumiputra except Sabah and Sarawak have profess the religion of Islam and have adhere to the teaching of the Prophet and the Law and Custom of the Holy Koran. Islam as the world knows is a peace and loving religion under the banner of “Submission” and Peace Be Upon You. Islam teaches loving Kindness, law, order justice and the preservation of Nature.

What the writer found out ; grave crime have been committed and in stark contrast to the Malays custom, lifestyle and Islam tenets. The basic rule of Law and Order and Justice have eroded in the street of Kuala Lumpur and Major cities in Malaysia.

This blog is intended as a place where all the collection of Law Enforcement Report from Interpol, United Nation, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, United Nation and various other agency can be view and analyze by fellow Malays and Malaysian.

The writer does not intend to point finger to the government or incite any negative reaction towards the government of Malaysia, but the writer deserve the rights as the Sons Of The Soils to point finger based upon the hard facts and figured presented by various globally accepted and approved data. There may arise certain statement that may be thought provoking and may be view by the reader as an act of blaming the present government. But in the 21st Century Mentality, drama expression and plays are part of the way the writer choose to convey the message.

Note: From time to time the author may altered visual and copyrighted material which the author feels is applicable to conveys the message, where applicable they author will provide the source extract in the pages dedicated to the sources.

The author have compiled his personal experiences in Malaysia in a book entitle Mobster Inc: The Dark Lord Of Malaysia, as an effort to promote and to exposed the various crime activities involving Malaysia, The author shall be in contact with various Law enforcement Agency to finalized the finding, in doing so the writer hope the Global Enforcement Agency can and may assist this effort of Public Awareness.



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