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Crime In The Name of Timber? October 13, 2006

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As a citizent of Malaysia we are lucky that we are protected by the Law of the Land. At least our lives meant something. A criminal may be brought to the face of Justice. Malaysia also present itself as a peace and loving nations, eager to help out during natural disaster as examplified by the recents, tsunami and the Lebanon Crisis. Yet are we an angel in the eyes of the world? At first i would say yes and I am proud to be called a Malay and Malaysian. But that is before I stumbled into Green Peace Reports regarding Malaysia. What I found out is quite shocking. Let see what Green Peace have to say about Malaysia.

Check Out thru Google a pdf file under the tag of “The untouchables”- rimbunan Hijau’s world of forest crime and political patronage!.

The report deals with Rimbunan Hijau, a global conglomerate of companies controlled by the Tiong Family from Sarawak Malaysia. Rimbunan Hijau dominates the logging, timber processing, publishing, property investment, new technology and travels. Papua New guine is one of its area where they exercise their ruthless power and illegal treatment of native. Rimbunan Hijau is also alleged to have significant interest in Gabon, Indonesia, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Russia.

“Land owners were forced to sign papers with a barrel of a gun at their back. In the presence of Police and Company Official without proper legal advise, with Guns pointed at them- Annie Kajir Human Rights Lawyer Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

When i encounter this testimony in the Untouchable Report by Green Peace, i was shocked , to me

“shame on Malaysia in the eyes of the world!

Note: this article will be continued later,

Writer disclaimer- this is what i read from Green Peace report, Some may say Green Peace is a Natural Radical, but may be the is truth in it, shocking yet read my next article…



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